INTERNATIONAL MARITIME SERVICE & SURVEY (IMSS Ltd.) is established to provide annual & 5-yearly inspection for LSA Equipment & Load Testing of cranes in accordance to class regulations and maintenance through our service scope in order to keep your equipment in compliance with the latest regulations worldwide.

We are fully mindful of your needs while performing all tasks of our services with the highest standard at competitive rates by being prompt, prepared and able to find solutions by our more than 10 years experienced, capable, competent and qualified engineers.

We value your business. Therefore, our goal is to build customer loyalty by delivering on our promises.

We provide the following services:

Annual and 5 yearly LSA inspections according to MSC.1/Circ.1206, manufacturer independant:

  • Single Arm Davits
  • Rescueboats / MOB
  • Freefall Lifeboats
  • Freefall Davits and Ramps
  • Totally Enclosed Lifeboats
  • Gravity Type Davits
  • Combined Provision / recovery Cranes


  • Agency for liferaft inspections / repairs / exchange

Loadtests with our own test weights (Waterbags)

  • Gangways / Accommodation ladders according to MSC.1/Circ.1331
  • Cargo Cranes
  • Davits
  • Provision Cranes
  • Engine Room Cranes

Wall Thicknes Measurements

  • Agency for Wall Thicknes Measurements


Hongkong, Hamburg, Houston or Valencia, we are where you need us. We would be happy to convince you.