Company Policy

We commit to this policy which is binding to any IMSS Ltd. personnel as of the date of publication of this document.

Business Policy
As a contractor for the inspection of life saving appliances (davits, lifeboats, rescueboats etc.) of maritime vessels, and as a trusted partner for load testing of crane systems and gangways, we are making any effort to provide our customers with an optimum level of service.

Customer-oriented thinking and action is what our partners demand of us. Only if we adhere to this, the customer will be satisfied and employ our services again. Mutual trust and confidence are necessary to that end. The principle „Our customers are our partners“ applies.

Fair contact and relations to one another are of fundamental importance to us. This is the only way we can function as a team and ultimately be successful. Any employee can put forward proposals so as to optimize our workflow. The company will promote and support top players in their further development. The experience of any personnel is important to us and shall be incorporated into our day-to-day work.

Any personnel is expected to do his work in a focused and goal-oriented manner. This applies to both employees and management. Year after year, our business sets new objectives determinable in key figures.

To us, quality-oriented means to cater for the needs of our customers and to always provide an optimum level of service. This we ensure through constant optimization of our work practices as well as through training of our personnel in order to obtain continuous improvement.

Supplier-oriented means that we will only cooperate with suppliers that boast a higher than average standard regarding quality, industrial and environmental safety. All of our suppliers will be examined and rated by us.

Date: 15.01.2013

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